Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tool #10

Understanding Digital Citizenship is vital to having a classroom with technology. Spring Branch has filters in place but the internet is so vast...not everything can be covered under it's filter umbrella. Students need a safe environment to explore the web and the district tries to provide that. Each student signs a form saying they understand what is expected of them while they are on the net. Children are apt to believe anything and everything. It is important that they do not trust the internet exclusively. We do not want to be dependent on Google's algorithms. I would want my students to know that they leave a "footprint" whenever they comment on a blog or Facebook, etc. I would hope that they would be sensitive when they comment on anything and never type something they wouldn't say to some one's face. I would also stress the importance of NOT giving out personal information - no easy targets for predators! I am not thinking that many of the apps we will be using in the art room will need comments or personal information. It looks like BrainPop Jr has some things on it that pertain to Digital Citizenship...cyber bullying, information privacy, internet searching, etc. I can piggyback on what their homeroom teachers are reviewing as well. A letter home to parents would be an obvious way to communicate what digital citizenship is, how we are learning about it and how they (the parents) can reinforce it at home.


  1. REally fantastic job with the remainder of your tools! It seems that you've learned a great deal and are really beginning to see the value in the devices you'll be getting! Thanks for all your thoughtful work!

  2. It can never be too early to try and get the idea across to students about their "digital footprint" although it will take some work with little ones! ;-) You are one of several people thinking about sending a letter home to parents about digital citizenship! Great idea! I also have meant to share that the government has some resources that you can get for free on the topic! Go to for more info!