Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tool #11

Aaaaaaannnnnnnd...we're at Tool #11!

I think that I'm most excited about the One Classroom website I found. I have chosen one of my classes to participate in a global art exchange. They are psyched! I will think of a way to incorporate the iPads with this assignment...maybe we can look up the countries we receive art some lessons based on those cultures...we'll see!

I am excited about the technology that's coming to my art room although I'm a little nervous about how the students will CARE for the technology. So many of them have the newest and latest at home I just hope they don't become indifferent about it. I think my vision for my classroom and adding this new technology will evolve as I really integrate the two together. I have really enjoyed playing around on one of my iPads at home in preparation for school. It's fun and I know that we will find a place for them here in the studio!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tool #10

Understanding Digital Citizenship is vital to having a classroom with technology. Spring Branch has filters in place but the internet is so vast...not everything can be covered under it's filter umbrella. Students need a safe environment to explore the web and the district tries to provide that. Each student signs a form saying they understand what is expected of them while they are on the net. Children are apt to believe anything and everything. It is important that they do not trust the internet exclusively. We do not want to be dependent on Google's algorithms. I would want my students to know that they leave a "footprint" whenever they comment on a blog or Facebook, etc. I would hope that they would be sensitive when they comment on anything and never type something they wouldn't say to some one's face. I would also stress the importance of NOT giving out personal information - no easy targets for predators! I am not thinking that many of the apps we will be using in the art room will need comments or personal information. It looks like BrainPop Jr has some things on it that pertain to Digital Citizenship...cyber bullying, information privacy, internet searching, etc. I can piggyback on what their homeroom teachers are reviewing as well. A letter home to parents would be an obvious way to communicate what digital citizenship is, how we are learning about it and how they (the parents) can reinforce it at home.

Tool #9

Technology is so important these days. Our students are bombarded by it 24/7. I would imagine that at our school, there is at least one student in every CLASS that has either an iPod, iTouch, hand held gaming system, etc. It has become the norm! The way our kids learn has shifted from the "old" way and we need, no, we MUST keep up! Kids need to be kept accountable for their tech centers just like any traditional center...the teacher has to know where the child is - whether they are on level or not. It is up to the teacher to have an end product built in to the center for reason. I downloaded 123d Sculpt, Art Glow, Animation Creation and 3D Spinart for starters. I wonder if I could print the students' products to keep them accountable? I am not sure if we would use these exclusively during a class - iPad Day? I just worry about these things getting destroyed, quite frankly...maybe this is something to bring up during one of my art meetings...I'm sure other art teachers have some advice!

Tool #8

I believe that I am receiving 5 iPads for my art room. I learned how to set up an account using my Spring Branch email, I now know how to connect my iPads to my laptop to sync them and pretty much everything in the second video tutorial was new to my...I have never been on an iPad or iTouch...I am assuming that all students at our school have or will have signed the SBISD AUP policy since I teach everyone. For the moment, I am planning on making the iPads a center AND integrating their use into my lessons...guess I will have an easier time planning that when I can get my hands on one!!!

Tool #7

I some how ended up on the website, during my time with Tool 7. I have signed Valley Oaks up for the International Art Exchange! I am so excited! Mrs. Leibelt's class, along with some of Ms. Ehlinger's friends, are participating! We will mail 25 pieces of artwork to the organization in April and in return, they will send us 25 pieces of art, created by kids of similar ages! I think it would be neat to get a huge map and pin the places our art comes from...and then create lessons from those places for the kids to do...the possibilities are endless and the students are really excited!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tool #3

I love YouTube! It's great for the art classroom due to the VISUAL nature of demonstrating techniques. YouTube allows me to show a demo on the whiteboard so that all children can see it...this cuts down on crowding around me - there's always someone who can't see! Here are two videos that are relevant to my 3rd grade watercolor project right now...

I logged into my Picassa just now and realized that some of my photos were up for public searches. I didn't realize that these were public until now! It was very easy to change the setting. I also searched for sea turtle images as we are drawing and painting them in my 3rd grade classes. Here's an example...

Again, given that art is so visual, ANY visual examples are so important to use...what an easy way to find images I can use in my classroom!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tool #6

Okay...just made a poll...pretty easy although I got a little confused as to how to send to people in a way that they could answer! We'll see how I did if and when I get any responses! I also created a wallwisher. Seems simple enough...I'm wondering , though, if some of these things are geared more towards older kids? I'm not sure this tool is very practical for me given the fact that I teach over 600 kids...oh well...won some, lose some.

Here is my poll...

And here is my Wallwisher...