Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tool #9

Technology is so important these days. Our students are bombarded by it 24/7. I would imagine that at our school, there is at least one student in every CLASS that has either an iPod, iTouch, hand held gaming system, etc. It has become the norm! The way our kids learn has shifted from the "old" way and we need, no, we MUST keep up! Kids need to be kept accountable for their tech centers just like any traditional center...the teacher has to know where the child is - whether they are on level or not. It is up to the teacher to have an end product built in to the center for reason. I downloaded 123d Sculpt, Art Glow, Animation Creation and 3D Spinart for starters. I wonder if I could print the students' products to keep them accountable? I am not sure if we would use these exclusively during a class - iPad Day? I just worry about these things getting destroyed, quite frankly...maybe this is something to bring up during one of my art meetings...I'm sure other art teachers have some advice!

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