Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tool #11

Aaaaaaannnnnnnd...we're at Tool #11!

I think that I'm most excited about the One Classroom website I found. I have chosen one of my classes to participate in a global art exchange. They are psyched! I will think of a way to incorporate the iPads with this assignment...maybe we can look up the countries we receive art some lessons based on those cultures...we'll see!

I am excited about the technology that's coming to my art room although I'm a little nervous about how the students will CARE for the technology. So many of them have the newest and latest at home I just hope they don't become indifferent about it. I think my vision for my classroom and adding this new technology will evolve as I really integrate the two together. I have really enjoyed playing around on one of my iPads at home in preparation for school. It's fun and I know that we will find a place for them here in the studio!

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